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Potted Herbs

Mr. McGregor's Farm Fresh Potted Herbs

Mr. McGregor’s potted herbs are grown in Shiloh, New Jersey in our own modern climate controlled greenhouses. Our potted herb program begins with selecting the highest quality seed available. As the seeds sprout our staff select only the finest of the seedlings to graduate from stage to stage. This ensures that only the best of the best are ever passed on to our customers.

We hand select the nutrients that feed Mr. McGregor’s potted herbs. This means that they are receiving the exact nutrients specific for each crop. This optimizes growth and minimizes waste, thus maintaining efficiency.

Mr. McGregor’s farm fresh potted herbs are sold in attractive plastic clay colored pots. They are 3-31/2 inches in diameter. Our potted herbs are packed the same day an order is placed, often times within hours. This means that our herbs just left the farm to arrive on your doorstep.

Our herbs are also offered in a 12 inch diameter by 17 inch tall hanging baskets. We select 4 different varieties of herbs that are a staple in kitchens everywhere to plant in our baskets.  They give the customer the ability to hang their herbs close to the kitchen or even remove the hanger and keep them in a sunny window. Either way our hanging baskets offer our customers the versatility and ease of use.

Mr. McGregor's Hanging Herb Garden!

Mr. McGregor's Farm Fresh Hanging Herb Baskets

A Beautiful Day At The Farm 6-17-2010

Potted herbs offer the consumer the ability to snip their own herbs fresh off the plant. The remaining plant can then be planted in conditions that are indicated on the label. The general care instructions offer helpful tips on watering and sun preferences of each kind of potted herb we sell. We want our customers to enjoy our Mr. McGregor’s farm fresh herbs all season long. For questions or requests, please call (856) 451-8800. Click here to receive updates and news from ARC Greenhouses.

Here is a list of Mr. McGregor’s farm fresh herbs:

Sage Chives
Tarragon Dill
Green Basil Marjoram
Lemon Basil Cilantro
Opal Basil Oregano
Thai Basil Rosemary

Thyme Mint

If you have any questions or requests please call us at (856)451-8800.