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Sunflower Sprouts

Botanical Name: Helianthus annuus

Mr. McGregor’s Farm Fresh Sunflower Sprouts

Common names: Sunflower sprouts

Description: Sunflowers originated in central America. Their sprouts are just as tasty as their seeds. Sunflower sprouts are delicious in salads and as garnishes. They have a true buttery sunflower essence that is undeniable.

Interesting Facts:

  • Sunflowers have a mathematical equation that expresses the arrangement of seeds in the actual flower.
  • Sunflowers are rumored to date back in Mexico to 2600 BC.
  • Sunflowers seeds can be utilized to produce biodeisel.

Nutrition: Sunflower sprouts can be up to 100 times more rich in beneficial enzymes than sunflower seeds. Sunflower sprouts are noted for their high amount of vitamin E which can be classified as a biological antioxidant. Sunflower sprouts come in a close second to chicken in grams of protein per ounce.