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Mr. McGregor's Microgreens Farm Fresh Everyday

ARC takes great pride in growing, packing and selling the highest quality, best tasting Microgreens available. ARC has been growing Microgreens hydroponically since 1991 in our own greenhouses. In that time ARC has advanced the methodology of growing Microgreens and we are now using our third major technology innovation. We are confident that no one else is currently using this advanced growing method. ARC’s growing methodology for Microgreens has some very major advantages including:

  • on time delivery
  • minimal chance of crop failure
  • no need to ever use pesticides
  • consistent high quality
  • lower growing costs

All of this assures our customers who rely on ARC’s Microgreens to know they will always obtain the great tasting product they need with no fuss or┬ábother from a local supplier. ARC currently grows and packs the following Microgreens in 4 oz and 8 oz sealed clam shells. Please call us with any questions or special circumstances at (856)451-8800. Click here to receive updates and news from ARC Greenhouses.

Green Wave Mustard Red Russian Kale