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Living Basil

What is Living Basil? Living Basil is the plant in its entirety; with roots, stems, and leaves intact.

Whats the difference between fresh basil leaves and Living Basil?

Dried Basil is a good alternative for some added flavor when you can’t get fresh leaves. Fresh Basil leaves can be purchased in the grocery store. Often times they smell good, and will provide more flavor than dried basil. However, basil leaves don’t hold flavor long, once pulled from the plant. Living Basil provides the best results for cooking fresh, just-picked-from-the-garden flavor. If properly cared for, Living Basil plants can maintain freshness for up to 7-10 days.

How we maintain freshness when we ship to you.

Each box is packed to maintain the proper temperature and environment to ensure optimum freshness. Our insulated boxes prevent the basil from becoming too hot or too cold.

Care instructions: Do not refrigerate. Keep basil upright in its sleeve. Place your basil in a warm, sunny spot. When the soil cube begins to dry out, add water to halfway up the cube. Pick off leaves as needed for your dishes and enjoy.