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Upland Cress

Botanical Name: Barbarea verna

Mr. McGregor’s Farm Fresh Baby Upland Cress

Common Name: Upland Cress, land cress, bank cress, early yellowrocket, early wintercress, creasy cress, American cress, Belle Isle cress and scurvy cress

Description: Upland Cress is a versatile baby green that is commonly used  in soup, salad, sandwiches and practically and way that spinach is used. It has a robust peppery taste that accents any dish.

Interesting Facts:

  • Upland cress was used in early times to ward off scurvy (thus scurvy cress) because it was high in vitamin C.
  • Upland cress has roots in southwestern Europe.
  • Upland cress is in the same family as mustard and cabbage.

Nutritional values: Upland cress offers a generous amount of vitamin C as well as iron, copper, calcium, iodine and potassium.