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Red Mustard

Botanical Name: Brassica juncea

Mr. McGregor’s Farm Fresh Baby Red Mustard

Common names: Red mustard, Indian mustard, mustard greens and leaf mustard

Description: Red Mustard has a forest green stem that graduates to a deep burgundy leaf that adds not only color to the most tasty salads, but it provides a smooth peppery contrast to the more buttery microgreen mixes. Red mustard is commonly found on menus in China, Japan, India and Europe. It is a cool season annual that has its origins in China.

Interesting facts:

  • Red mustard is used in many ways such as for food in salads, as garnishes, sauteed or braise.
  • Its beautiful color variation make is suitable to use in colorful decorative gardens.
  • It has attributes that enable its use in phytoremediation.
  • Red mustard can be used as a cover crop and mulch for other crops.

Nutritional values: Red Mustard provides a healthy serving of Vitamin A and C, iron, calcium and potassium while being low in calories.