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Growing Baby Greens

Baby Greens are grown:

  • using hydroponics with Nutrient Film Technology (NFT)
  • with computer controlled feeding so the feeding is managed to the growing day of the crop
  • in modern, climate controlled greenhouses where the computer manages temperatures and air flow to provide the best possible growing climate
  • on rolling benches to maximize growing space while providing good access for plant care
  • with crop appropriate fertilizer created to provide the Baby Greens with the exact nutrients they require to make tasty salads
  • E. coli free fertilizer components
  • by greenhouse workers who personal protection equipment such as powder-free vinyl gloves to minimize contamination
  • using written Standard Growing Procedures so the grower and greenhouse workers grow each Baby Greens crop the same exact way to ensure  the same great tasting Baby Greens every time, every order
    Mr. McGregor’s Farm Fresh Baby Greens

Growing Baby Greens is just like any other difficult endeavor. It requires paying uncommon attention to every minute detail.  Some people think growing is just casting some seeds and a few days later harvesting the crop. Wrong. Sometimes the results are good, however, our methods ensure every crop meets our highest standard.