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Baby Greens

Baby Greens are harvested with their roots on when the Baby Greens are approximately 3″ tall and placed in a box for delivery.

Mr. McGregor Baby Greens

“Roots On” harvesting and delivery is crucial for a long shelf life.  A plant is still living and growing as long as its roots are attached providing the roots have access to water.   Once the plant is put in the box photosynthesis and respiration do slow down but the plant is still living and most importantly not rotting.

Our Baby Greens customers love the ability to keep the box in the refrigerator and when an order comes into the kitchen the necessary greens are clipped and plated.  The result is a just picked salad with little or no waste.  This provides a wonderful way to serve great, fresh salads or garnishes  at minimal cost. These issues are very important at any time but even more so in these difficult times.

Some home chefs commonly place their Baby Greens in pan placed on the window sill and clip the growing Baby Greens for each meal as needed.

See Baby Greens Growing Methodology for an overview of how we grow our great tasting Baby Greens.

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Arugula Purple Mustard
Beet Tops Rainbow Chard
Bull’s Blood Red Amaranth
Red Mustard Red Orach
Green Romaine Tatsoi
Mache Upland Cress