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ARC Greenhouses is the home of Mr. McGregor’s  Microgreens, Baby Greens, Butterhead Lettuce and herbs.  ARC has been growing in modern, climate controlled greenhouses since 1984. Please visit our Mr. McGregor and ARC Greenhouse Team page.

Every year we have improved growing methodologies; by implementing cutting edge technologies we use to grow, pack and ship our products, our ability to provide top notch customer service and increasing inventory of produce grown.  As a result, we believe that we can be considered one of the most innovative hydroponic growers in operation in the United States.

Some of the things we are currently doing that enable us to grow better products with significantly less investment dollars than other growers are:

  • design, build and program our own process control computers in each greenhouse for every single crop because computers currently available to the industry do not meet our standards
  • design and build much of the growing equipment we use to reduce costs by improving productivity
  • have an engineering team on staff dedicated to innovative improvements (which few farms can claim)

Our efforts to become a leading grower was attained when we were approached in 2002 by the market leader in botanical pharmaceuticals. We were given the task to domesticate a wild plant that showed great promise for the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis.  As a result of our success, the drug is entering the FDA Phase III clinical trials. This experience has not only been a great success that will benefit human kind, but it has enhanced our ability to grow culinary products.  In addition, we have learned how to define and track complex processes to the standards of the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA.  This has positively impacted our ability to efficiently operate and precisely control the culinary part of our business.

Most of our Microgreens, Baby Greens, Butterhead Lettuce and herbs are delivered to fine restaurants located in the northeast corridor by distributors.  We deliver to upper end markets in central New Jersey and the Philadelphia metro area.  As a result of overwhelming requests from home chefs, we are introducing an online market. This will guarantee home chefs access to the same fine ingredients that chefs at the finest restaurants utilize.  McGregorOnline

We are always looking for new challenges, innovative people who would like to use our products and people with talent who would like to join our team.  If you have a challenge, want to use our products or want to work with us please call (856) 451-8800 or email us.