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ARC Greenhouses is the home of Mr. McGregor’s  Micro Greens, Baby Greens & Lettuces, Gold Corn & Peas and Living Basil.  Our family farm has two locations: Shiloh,  NJ in Southern New Jersey and Mount Dora, Florida in Central Florida.

We are proud members of both the “Jersey Fresh” program and the “Fresh from Florida” programs.

ARC grows  in modern, climate controlled greenhouses.  As a result, ARC is able to offer over 70 McGregor fresh produce varieties, all grown in its own greenhouses.  Therefore, when using McGregor products there is never a need for concerns such as: where was this grown, how was it grown, is it fresh, is it safe or any of the 100 questions one should ask when buying something to eat.  Plantings are  sequenced  so new harvests occur two or three times every week, all year long.  This enables ARC to be able to pick, pack and ship each McGregor product in response to orders placed six days a week all year long.    This is how ARC guarantees fresh produce to every customer.

McGregor’s Micro Greens, Baby Greens and herbs are superior for several reasons —   The  taste and flavor of our produce is the result of quality seed and the enhanced environment in which the plant grows.  We use the best natural seed possible and in addition, take the extra effort to provide the optimum environment so the plants reach their full potential.  The result is better tasting, more flavorful Microgreens, Baby Greens and herbs.

Mr. McGregor’s Famous Green and White Boxes

ARC normally sells McGregor produce wholesale to farm markets, restaurants, small chain supermarkets and distributors who deliver directly to the chef’s kitchen.  In a few cases where the chef’s distributor’s does not carry McGregor’s, ARC will deliver via FedEx overnight service.

Sales in the North East are handled by Heidi Bowers. Heidi can be reached by calling  (856)451-8800.

Sales in the South East are covered by Rachel Vanlandingham.  Rachel can be reached by calling (352) 729-5867

ARC packs McGregor products in its famous green and white box.  So when a chef sees this box they know their distributor has obtained the highest quality Microgreens, Baby Greens, Butterhead Lettuce and herbs available today.

The ARC team takes great pride in growing and providing the best tasting, freshest, locally grown Microgreens, Baby Greens, Butterhead Lettuce and herbs available.  The ARC team strives to always take the next step to provide customer service that each client rightly deserves. Subsequent pages provide additional information on McGregor products and ARC’s growing procedures.